AWOL, Panic!, and Cold War Kids = Awesomeness! (7/18/15, @ Hollywood Casino Amphitheater)

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I had been looking forward to this show for weeks.  Not only because it was the first show I had shot at the Amphitheater in over a year, but also because it was an opportunity to catch the Cold War Kids live yet again!  I have photographed Awolnation, Panic! At The Disco, and Cold War Kids many times before, but for some reason I was just super pumped about covering these bands this time around.  Awol’s new album is really good and has some songs that I knew would be great to hear live.  I was not wrong about that assumption, they sounded killer!  Panic! also puts on a tremendous live show, this show in particular they whipped out a stellar cover of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” that was amazing and had the crowd going completely nuts.  Although before these two great performances I was treated to one of my favorite bands, Cold War Kids.

Cold War Kids get me every time.  They are just a group of guys who write amazing songs and play the shit out of them live.  The sincerity conveyed by this group is just so damn transcendent, it is seen in every aspect of what they do as musicians.  They of course have the most images in the slide show because I’m a huge fan, which has made me a bit biased in my reporting of this show.  Seriously though if you are looking for a new band to fall in love with check out Cold War Kids already!  Oh, and thank you Live Nation and 1057 The Point for bringing in such a great lineup to include in this years summer concert series at Hollywood Casino Amphitheater.  Also a big thanks needs to go out to Speakers In Code ( for having me cover the show for their site, I had an awesome time!


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