The Tallest Man On Earth at The Pageant – July 29th, 2015

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Last night I shot a really awesome indie singer/songwriter, Kristian Matsson, who goes by The Tallest Man On Earth.  Matsson started releasing records in 2006 and has released 4 full lengths since then.  Hailing from Sweden it surprised me to find out how heavily influenced he was by Bob Dylan, but after hearing his style of writing I could hear a little Dylan peeking through.  Although, I believe Kristian has a completely unique thing going.  He is not shy, he is not timid, or still.  I would say in fact that he brakes the mold of what singer/songwriters have come to be viewed as by delivering powerfully striking vocals and aggressive guitar strumming he conveyed his emotions in each song.  He also often moved in time with the songs or engaged with the crowd by specifically locking eyes with an area of the room and moving from side to side of the stage to interact with the crowd.  The Tallest Man On Earth earned a new fan that evening and I will be making sure I try to catch him every time he passes through town.


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