Bleachers Bring A Healthy Serving of Rock to the Youngsters!

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Happy Friday!  To start this glorious weekend off I thought I would take a moment to recap some shows I’ve covered over the last week.  Last Sunday, August 9th, I was extremely happy to cover the Bleachers and Charli XCX co-headling tour.  This actually marked the second time I’ve covered a Bleachers show, and I have to say they impressed me even more than the first time I saw them.  Mr. Jack Antonoff is really onto something magical with this project, I would also go as far to say that it is much more relevant to the growth of rock music than Fun is.  I’ve described Bleachers sound in the past as an “indie pop cover band who only plays Springsteen covers from the 80’s that decided to release an album of original songs”. That is such a heavy way to describe their sound but I mean it totally as a compliment.  It kind of fits that awesome mold of a great band that has a sound that showcases their influences, but branches out to offer something fresh to a genre that is becoming stagnate. I actually suggest seeing them live and then picking up their album because as a live band they just destroy the crowd with a wave of energy that just makes you stand up, clap, sing, and dance.  They even covered a Cranberries song which I feel was a good thing for the young crowd to hear.  In rock music to be a true fan you must honor the roots in which new music comes from.  That being said I wish I had the same things to say about Charli XCX.

It is no understatement to say that the crowd was very excited and exploded with elation when Charli hit stage.  As a front woman Charlotte, AKA Charli, brings a level of rock ‘ n’ roll sexuality that is powerful and undeniable, but the music to me just doesn’t have the depth to match the “in your face” persona that she exudes.  In all her performance was flashy but lacking in many areas compared to Bleachers.  In my opinion Charli should accept the place she has made for herself in music and realize that on this tour she is placed best as a supporting act, not the headliner.


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