MMJ Blew the Top Off the Peabody!

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MMJ, or My Morning Jacket, played a triumphant show at the Peabody Opera House this past Wednesday, 8/12.  I have seen this band live many times before and photographed them the last time they played the Peabody in 2012.  With every live performance and with every album release Jim James and his crew just keeps getting better in my opinion.  Continuing to craft their indie/southern rock style with a flair that is unlike the others in their genre.  This show opened so triumphantly as they went into the title track from their last release “Circuital”, which made for an amazing way to open their show.  After that they went right into a song from their most recent release The Waterfall called “In Its Infancy (The Waterfall)” which had the crowd going nuts.  In my opinion a reaction like that from the crowd shows the level of talent this band has by continuing to release music that has some real staying power.  I unfortunately was their just to shoot and had no ticket so I only heard up to the 4th song on their set which was another favorite of mine “Wordless Chorus” from their album Z.  This is truly a fantastic band and if you are a fan of rock music, especially classic rock influenced acts, then you have to check this band out!  For a full review and set list from their performance in St. Louis last week check out the amazing site I was shooting for called Speakers in Code: Setlist/Review


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