Parkside Grill Food Photo Shoot

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Parkside Grill is unique privately/locally owned restaurant located in the Ballwin/Wildwood area, which I feel is one of their most unique qualities.  Outside the city proper it becomes harder and harder to find an eating establishment that isn’t a cookie cutter chain that you can grab a bite at in almost any municipality in the area.  If you are like me, a border line food snob, you will appreciate the feeling of wanting to find a place to eat that is an “experience”.  A place where the food is not some “US Foods” rubber chicken breast creation with that years trendy cheese smothered all over it.  You want a place you can find a great drink selection and that also offers dishes that are made to stand out when compared to their competitors.  Parkside Grill fantastically fits this mold!

Parkside Grill serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.  You can get anything from an espresso, to a local/regional micro-brew, or you could choose from a fine selection of wines.  As far as their menu goes,  you could get anything from an amazing beer paired appetizer like their Parkside Signature Nachos (choose between shredded chicken, pulled smoked pork, or shredded beef short ribs) or a Field Greens & Fruit Salad which is garnished with feta cheese and their house-made balsamic vinaigrette.  Their Parque Pescado (or Mahi-Mahi Fish Tacos) comes served with the most amazing cheesy grits!  Also if you live in the area, Parkside can serve up a coffee beverage and offer some grab and go breakfast items that would make it easy for anyone to make Parkside a convenient stop along their way to work in the morning.  To provide even more depth to this quaint little hidden gem buried in West County they also have live music on Friday/Saturday nights, as well as have live music that starts around 3pm every Sunday.

To sum up Parkside Grill, if you live close to it you should make this your go to spot where you could feel comfortable becoming a regular at and if you are just passing through West County you should stop in to see what a great local business has to over you.  Think outside the “chains” and eat local at Parkside Grill!


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