The Re-Imaging of Todd Rundgren

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The title of this post is the best way I can describe the Todd Rundgren tour that came through the Pageant on 9/1.  This marks the second time I have photographed Mr. Rundgren and I was completely thrown off my game.  This was most certainly a night and day contrast from what I experienced the last time he was in town and I could tell the crowd, which was full of die hard fans, felt the same way.

The last time I photographed Todd it was a sit down concert mixed with acoustic and electric renditions of his classics, and the crowd was going nuts.  Flash forward to the show on 9/1 and it was like seeing a completely different artist.  This show included a DJ with a laptop that laid down samples, two backup dancers/vocalists, and Todd whom switched back and forth from playing electric guitar and dancing along with the back up performers.  The stage also had a big LED lighting rig with a riser for the DJ and the set consisted of songs that embodied some modern electronica elements that you often hear used by bands in today’s stagnantly growing “indie”music scene.  With in the first three songs of the set about 20% of the crowd walked out which I found disappointing.  I really commend artists that dig deep and reinvent themselves, and the fact that an artist who had his biggest hits in the late 70’s has decided to incorporate elements of modern electric music with rock is quite an achievement in my book.

Here’s to you Todd Rundgren, keep on rocking out, and finding new ways to express yourself through song writing!


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