Modest Mouse Triumphant Sold Out Show!

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The mighty Modest Mouse graced the Pageant stage on 9/2 to completely dominate a sold out crowd.  It has been years since this band has aggressively toured and with the release of their newest album this past May, Strangers To Ourselves, they have made quite a triumphant return to the music scene.  This high energy show was packed full of old classics and soon to be new favorites.  In fact there was not one moment that night that the crowd was not singing, screaming, dancing, or throwing their hands in the air in excitement.  I was lucky enough to get the whole show to shoot and boy did I take advantage of it.

Photographing them was so much fun due to the fact that the band consists of 8 members, the versatility of instruments that are used in their songs, the lighting was unique, and vocalist Isaac Brock could not be more animated on stage if he tried.  Such a huge amount of talent, emotion, and creativity lie in this band that you just can’t help but watch them in amazement.  This was all around just an amazing night of great music and a good old fashion rock show, which is becoming harder and harder to find in today’s modern music scene.  I welcome everyone else’s comments who have experienced this tour because I’m interested to see if it was just me being a fan boy or if this band is really just that fucking amazing!


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