“Trick Question, Lemmy is God!”

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The 90’s classic movie Airheads coined the phrase “Lemmy is God” and it couldn’t be more accurate to describe how fans feel about Motorhead or how one should describe the awesome presence Lemmy brings to the stage with him.  This tour marked the 40th Anniversary for this band whom is at the top of the list when you start naming off groups considered to be “metal music” royalty acts.  Lemmy is a king in the biz and has been at it for sometime.  Despite the fact that he has had some health issues on this tour, the man did not miss a beat.  With his thundering bass and gravely voice the crowd was in total awe as the band ripped through their set.  This was also one of the only times that I saw over 1/2 the crowd sporting band shirts of the act they were in fact there to see.  Not to mention this was also a night awesome for people watching, which included aging heavy metal chicks that still had it going on as they strutted around in their tight leather pants and “50 something” year old men that basically looked like they could be in the band.

I was very happy to have the opportunity to catch this band on a tour that is such a milestone in their career, and I urge everyone who is a fan of the band to catch a show before they wrap up their string of US dates.  Show your love for Lemmy, he deserve it and so much more!


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