Nick Jonas Causes a Frenzy @ The Pageant 9/15/15

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So more and more everyday I seem to show my age in more ways than I care to admit.  Leading up to this show is a prime example.  I thought for weeks the artist I was photographing was some dude named Nick Jones.  It wasn’t until the day of the show when I asked my wife if she had heard of someone by that name that I investigated it further.  Then I looked the show up online and I realized it was actually Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers I’d actually be photographing.  Of course I was a little older when the Jonas Brothers hit the scene but I most certainly remember their name and as I’ve said before, the awesomeness in being a concert photographer is that at times your thrusted into shows where you are completely unfamiliar with the artists material whom you are photographing.  This was a prime example of this.  I could tell from the moment the opener Bebe Rexha took stage that the crowd was ready to completely explode.

Ms. Bebe had me from the first time I Googled her to find out what was up.  She is an Albanian goddess who is spunky and took the stage with a presence that had the crowd going from the first note she let out.  She was a great opener for Nick Jonas, as Bebe blew through her set the crowd just kept getting louder and louder.  This added to the increased anticipation the audience had for the main act.  As the set’s changed, from the photo pit you could feel the atmosphere grow more and more intense.

The lights finally went down and the females started bellowing in excitement for Nick to take stage.  With lights dimmed the star emerged only to open with one of his current singles “Chains”, which unbeknownst to me was apparently pretty fantastic for him to do.  Nick played to the crowd often moving around the stage to engage with his crazed fans and I was following him the entire time trying to capture each moment in it’s fullest.  I had to leave with my camera after the 3rd song but from what I witnessed his fans got one heck of a show.  I’m not a fan but he kept me moving in the pit which is the type of set I’ll take any night of the week.  Any active artist that plays to their crowd is a fun artist to shoot in my book!


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