Ibeyi at The Ready Room – 9/24/15

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This past Thursday I stumbled upon a surprisingly awesome indie act called Ibeyi.  Pagan Productions brought this lovely duet to The Ready Room to entertain a crowd full of indie rock chicks that proved to be very passionate fans.  This group consists of two French-Cuban decent women who are actually twins, in which they explained at the show that Ibeyi is the Nigerian word for twins.  Their music is a mix of electronic and tribal influenced sounds that make them unique in today’s ever changing indie music scene.  They also sing their music in both English and Yoruba (the official language of Nigeria) languages.  I found that listening to them helps to expose the average music connoisseur to a very ethnic display of artistic expression, I personally found their performance to be a breath of fresh air.  Also for not being very well known at the moment, they filled the Ready Room to well over 1/2 of it’s capacity.  They have a big female fan base whom were dancing, clapping, and singing along from time to time which added to the awesome vibe in the room that evening.  The girls also stopped to interact with the crowd often.  Lisa-Kaindé Diaz takes lead vocals on most tracks and plays the keyboard/synth on many songs, while Naomi Diaz sings mostly backing vocals and plays an array of traditional Spanish/Cuban percussion instruments.  I’m really looking forward to seeing how the Diaz sisters career blossoms over the years and I will catch them live anytime I have the opportunity to.


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