Pulling A Doubleheader – Friday, 9/18/15

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On Friday, 9/18 I did something that I haven’t done in years.  I attempted to photography two shows in one night, which can be done but it makes for kind of an intense evening.  My first show of the night was at the Pageant where I was covering the sold out Kacey Musgraves show, and the second show was just down the road at The Duck Room where singer-songwriter Josh Rouse was playing.

Starting my evening off at Kacey Musgraves I assumed was going to be a cake walk, quick and simple.  If there is one thing I’ve learned from concert photography it’s that anytime you assume a show will be an easy shoot it rarely ever is.  The crowd at the Pageant this evening was interesting as it was filled with country music fanatics, women in short skirts and cowboy boots, and middle aged balding men who could not contain their excitement to catch a glimpse of the beautiful Ms. Musgraves in person.  Kacey was scheduled to come out at 8:30 pm, which was perfect timing for me as Josh Rouse started his set around 8 pm so I had plenty of time to make both shows.  Correction, I had plenty of time to make both shows if Kacey would have stuck to the schedule and of course she did not.  The country music diva actually didn’t take stage until 9 pm which really put a pinch on my time table to make both shows.  Needless to say this left me with a high level of annoyance which was only compounded by the fact that Kacey’s management requested that all photography be taken from the sound board.  Ooh, I should also mention the lighting was completely shit-box as well.  I also do not know why Kacey is being totted as an “old school Nashville country music” type artist.  I found her sound to be stale, boring, and run of the mill compared to the commercialized sound that now tarnishes the country music genre.  Sorry Kacey, you are just another pretty face in my book.  After the disappointment of my that show I feverishly ran down Delmar in hopes of still catching some of Josh Rouse’s set at Blueberry Hill.

As I walked to the back of Blueberry Hill to the entrance of The Duck Room I was kind of nervous.  I heard no music and it was awfully quiet.  I asked my contact for Pagan Productions if the show was over in which I found out that I had got there just in time for Josh Rouse’s encore.  Fortunately they let me sneak in to snap some pics and as it turned out I showed up to catch the best part of the show.  As I walked down the stairs I could faintly hear an acoustic guitar and soft singing but there was no one I could see on stage.  After peaking over peoples shoulders I noticed that Josh had come into the crowd to play the first song of his encore which was awesome to witness.  The song he was serenading the crowd with was a fan favorite titled “Sad Eyes”.  From a photography stand point it was awesome to capture this.  After Josh finished this song from the crowd he took stage once more with the full band to run through another couple songs before ending the show.  I never get to photograph the last three songs of a artists set and it was pretty awesome to have that opportunity.  I was also happy that I got there in time to snap a photo of my buddy, Jesse, meeting Josh.  Jesse is a huge fan so this was a pretty big deal for him.  Jesse has helped me so much over the years and has helped me find the opportunities I’ve had that have shaped me into the concert photographer I am today.  It was awesome to do something nice for him and do him a favor for once.  This experience really made my night and I’m thankful that Kasey’s tardiness didn’t completely screw me out of catching part of Josh’s set.  The moral of this story is that when pulling a double header just accept it to not go as planned, roll with the punches, and just enjoy the random experience that goes along with capturing live music!


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