ZZ Ward Rocked The House! – 9/29/15 @ The Pageant

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Photographing Ms. ZZ Ward turned out to be more fun than I anticipated.  It is no secret that when you see press photos of her you can’t help but stop and admire how attractive she is.  I’ve also been trying more and more to check artists out on Spotify before I cover their show.  I had been listening to her 2012 debut Til The Casket Drops over the last week to get a gauge on what I could expect.  Like many female rock/pop artists I found the same thing to be true for her, that the live representation of their music is always much better than the recorded versions.  I feel in today’s industry they sometimes bury instrument tracks in mixes by maxing out the bass tones and at times process the vocals to the point where it destroys the natural rawness that sometimes can be conveyed by some vocalists.  When I listened to ZZ Ward live I discovered a new respect for her.  She can handle her instrument as well as any front man can, she plays harmonica, her voice can have a rough quality that makes her blues/soul influences shine, and her interaction with the crowd made the set very fun to watch.  I hope you can tell from my photos that catching this artist live should be on your radar, keep an eye out for her.  She will not disappoint!


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