Ben Rector @ The Pageant – 10/8/15

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On Wednesday, 10/8 I got a call to help out with shooting some video footage of Ben Rector preforming his new single “Brand New”.  I had planned to have the night off but when “all access” photo cred’s come along you just go shoot, period.

I had not really been very familiar with Ben Rector prior to this show but had heard about him a lot over the last year.  Being kind of like an indie pop/rock singer-songwriter I wasn’t sure how I would take his sound, but after hearing him live I was so happy I had the experience of covering this show.  Once I got there I was mainly focused on capturing video of Ben’s second song “Brand New” which turned out to be more difficult than what I expected.  Props to my videographer brothers out there, shooting concert footage is a skill that definitely takes some practice.  I have to say though being able to shoot video from the side and back of the stage was one of the coolest experiences I’ve had to date.  There is one shot where I captured that one feeling that just summed up the emotion in the room, it was such a rush!  Then after that awesomeness I had the privilege to shoot stills the rest of the show.

To sum up the show, Ben has this lively sound with a sincere quality that makes him the best type of artist to experience live.  It was intimate and honest.  My favorite part was when they stripped the band down and did it “living room style” with acoustic instruments that really showcased the individual talents of each band member.  It was a great example of artists having fun with an engaging crowd and loving what they do.  I’m thankful I had the opportunity to photograph this show, it’s totally in my top 5 list of shows from 2015!


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