Father John Misty @ The Pageant – 10/7/15

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Father John Misty was last Tuesday on 10/7 and it was yet another show to add to the slew of indie shows I go to that just make me feel old.  Father John Misty is lead by J. Tillman (Joshua Tillman) of Fleet Foxes fame.  I will have to first say that this artist impresses the hell out of me, his work with Fleet Foxes is stellar and his persona as front-man of Father John Misty (FJM) is a completely enchanting live experience.  Tillman puts his heart and soul into the songs he performs with the FJM band.  The part that makes me feel old is that after listening to FJM I can’t help but remember that I’ve heard this style of music before, and the younger music consumers seem to have no clue.

FJM at it’s roots is basically a re-writing/re-imagining of the sound that acts like The Everly Brothers, Dion, and Ricky Nelson made famous in the late 50’s and early 60’s.  Father John Misty recordings are a breath of fresh air to a beautiful sound from rock’s past that brings new life to an old style, only by way of the lyrical content Tillman puts into each song.  I just wish the younger fans “discovering” this “new” style would take a step back to respect and reflect on the influences that may have taken Tillman on his journey to reinvent his sound as fantastically as he has done with Father John Misty.


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