Ghost w/ Purson @ The Pageant – 10/6/15

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Ghost at The Pageant last Monday on 10/6 was a show that I will add to the list of live acts I will tell people that they have to just go see at some point.  If you are a rock/hard rock or “goth rock”/metal fan you will not be disappointed.  When combining the theatrics of a Manson show with Alice Cooper influence and a touch of Slipknot, the outcome is pretty much a Ghost show.  High Priest “Papa Emeritus III” comes out from lurking in the shadows with his band of masked henchmen to rock a crowd who seems to be 50/50.  50% take the Ghost live act in all seriousness and 50% seem to be there to appreciate the subtle pun this band plays on the crowd by displaying over the top theatrics that can sometimes be a quality of bands in their genre.  To add to this performance opener Purson was a welcome surprise, hailing from the UK bringing a sluggish psychedelic garage rock sound that was heavily peppered with hints of Jethro Tull.  They were freaking awesome as well and just fucking jammed live.

I’m still confused on how to take this show but I think that is the whole point of a seeing Ghost live.  They put on a show that is entertaining, visually stimulating, and will make you walk away wondering what the hell it was that you just sat captivated by for the last hour and 1/2!


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