Bring Me The Horizon @ The Pageant 10/12/15

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Bring Me The Horizon was only the second “metal” show that I’ve shot this year.  It’s always fun to try shooting these types of bands because you are generally faced with low or difficult lighting, as well as band members that are actively moving around stage.  I would also have to say that photographing metal bands overall always end up being the nights where you get a work out in the photo pit.  This evening was exactly that.  I was also impressed to find out that Bring Me The Horizon is originally from Britain and have been recording since 2006, in which next year will mark 10 years that they have been in the biz.  They sold out the venue this evening, which to me shows the level of fan commitment they have obtained over the span of their career.  Although their lighting set up was difficult to shoot because it was all mainly back lighting, it did offer some really awesome colors to capture throughout their set as well as providing some dark ominous overtones that gave some awesome depth to some of my images.  If you are a fan of the “metalcore” side of this genre check out Bring Me The Horizon.  They are a top notch live act and outshine many of their peers in the industry!


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