Flux Pavilion @ The Pageant – 10/15/15

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This year I’ve had the interesting opportunity to photograph three artists in a category of music I would say I’m completely oblivious to.  The world of “EDM” (Electronic Dance Music), electronica, DJ, or “House” music are all things that I have not followed at all.  Even in the early 2000’s when the raver scene was hitting the mainstream I never caught onto it.  Although with being house photographer at The Pageant I have become more familiar with this scene and have learned a few things that every EDM show is sure to have.

  1. Tons of newly turned 21 year old’s that will stumble around looking like clumsy children.
  2. There will be at least one person with some kind of LED flashing light head piece, necklace, or gloves that will stick out like a beacon among the dark sea of shadows in the crowd.
  3. You will see many, many 1/2 clothed ladies in belly shirts or bra tops and some in booty shorts or leggings so tight they look shrink wrapped on them.
  4. Dudes in flat billed ball caps playing the “bro” card.
  5. An amazing lighting display to trip out all the tweakers in the crowd.

I will have to say though that Flux Pavilion added a welcomed surprise to the usual stage set up of an EDM act when Joshua Steele picked up his guitar to wail over the mixed audio bed he was pumping out of his DJ console.  Joshua also sang on certain songs which gave his EDM stick more of a rock or even punk element.  You could tell this guys influences span wide and that he has the ability to attract many different types of listeners.


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