Grace Potter Rocked The House @ The Pageant – 10/17/15

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This made the second time I had the opportunity to photograph the lovely Grace Potter and let me tell you, it was a rock show on an entirely different level.  When you see a rock act you expect loud screaming guitars, lights that will have your head spinning, a lead vocalist that works the crowd, and ultimately a display of talent that you can’t stop watching.  This completely sums up how it is to see Grace Potter live.  This woman some how is rock ‘n’ roll, sex, and is infectious, like a drug, all wrapped in this tiny beautiful blonde package in high heels.  I have to say that if you’ve only just checked out Grace’s catalog of recorded material and haven’t been able to dig it, then do yourself a favor and catch her live.  I believe this is her home.  Her sound is so much more pure and strong live, and she puts so much emotion into her performance that it almost lifts you off the floor.  I will photograph this woman every opportunity I get and will continue to give her kudos on her ever growing success!


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