Passion Pit and Atlas Genius @ The Pageant 10/19/15

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I have now photographed both of these bands twice and I have to say, maybe the 3rd time will be a charm.  Both of these acts are awesome to see live, each bands vocalist are so much fun to watch perform to the crowd as they aim to get a rise out of them any time they can.  It also keeps us in the photo pit on our toes as the lighting was just as fast changing as the position of each bands front man, Michael Angelakos of Passion Pit and Keith Jeffery of Atlas Genius.  Not only was each bands performance superb, it was also exciting to see the reaction each band received from the crowd.

Both of these bands seem to share the same demographic of fans, which are 15 – 24 year old females.  Of course their was a mix of people in the crowd and I would have to say Atlas Genius has probably stretched their fan base out a little more than Passion Pit has, but both acts do a great job of putting on an awesome rock show for the crowd.  This was so clear to me as I looked around the venue and saw only people screaming and smiling, it was uplifting to be in the middle of.  Definitely not too shabby for a Monday night out in the old STL!


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