Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt @ The Pageant – 10/21/15

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This past Wednesday, 10/21 I had the privilege of photographing Mr. Lyle Lovett, whom I consider to be an icon of pop cultures past.  Also on tour with Lyle was the acclaimed singer-songwriter John Hiatt.  When the show began it was probably one of the most casual openings to a concert that I have ever experienced.  These two guys strolled out to greet the crowd, grabbed their guitars, and sat on chairs around a minimal set which had a living room meets indie coffee shop feel.  It was literally like going over to someones house to watch two great friends jam on some songs they both enjoy playing together and hearing each other perform individually.  The two performers really did a great job of transforming a show at a two level concert club into an intimate private house party with live acoustic music.  It was also awesome for Lyle to comment on how happy he was to be back in the midwest and in St. Louis.  As John chimed in to agree the two midwestern raised musicians were happy to be back in the “right time zone” and away from the fast passed lifestyle of the West Coast.  It was great to see the camaraderie between these two artists and it was awesome to witness their folk sounds echo fantastically across the venue which seemed to mesmerize the crowd.  During most songs the crowd was so entranced that you could hear a pin drop and at the end of each song there was a heart felt round of applause, as you could tell the audience felt like they were experiencing something unique.  Lyle was also very entertaining between songs, as John and him told softly spoken stories recanting their travels on the road as touring musicians.  The story Lyle told about meeting Chuck Berry in California got a huge rise out of the crowd.

If you can catch this tour I highly suggest doing so.  These are two artists that I feel every devout music fan should add to the list of live acts they’ve experienced.


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