Meg Myers Rocked @ Red, Rock, and Blue…Ooh Yeah Yelawolf Was There To…

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This past weekend was one of the busiest weekends I’ve had in a long time.  This show, benefiting the USO, was the first of two shows that I was scheduled to cover over the weekend.  On the roaster was one of my favorite artists to see live and to photograph, the mighty Meg Myers.  She was stuck in the middle of a co-headlining slot, with local act Cavo opening the show.  The headliner was the infamous Yelawolf.  Below are two lists to sum up this show.  One list states the 5 Best Things about the show and the other unfortunately states what I feel were the 5 Worst Things about an other wise awesome night of music.

5 Best Things About The Show:

  1. Proceeds from the ticket sales benefited a great cause.
  2. Umm, MEG MYERS…
  3. A nice local representation from the peeps in Cavo.
  4. …Ooh and did I mention FUCKING MEG MYERS…Seriously if you have not picked up any of her releases or checked her out live you are missing out.  Catch this chick playing a more intimate venue while you can, in 5 years you’ll be wishing you had.
  5. The energy of the crowd when Yelawolf interacted with them, which unfortunately leads me to my list of 5 Worst Things about the show.

This is unfortunate to list because Yelawolf was both awesome and horrible in the same sense, but I believe this is a common quality all true douche bags possess.

5 Worst Things About The Show:

  1. So Yelawolf takes #1 on my list of worst things about the show.  Just try saying his fucking name, need I say more.
  2. Yelawolf’s constant and unnecessary spraying of water and beer into the crowd, you’re playing a concert club ass and no one is dehydrated.
  3. Yelawolf’s band only consisting of a guitar player and a DJ/Sampler.
  4. The fact that people were buying into Yelawolf’s shit.
  5. That the show didn’t end after Meg Myers set.




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