Drive By Truckers and Jonathan Tyler @ The Pageant 10/24/15

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This post is to recap show #2 from last weekend, following Friday nights Yelawolf and Meg Myer concert.  Saturday brought on indie rock legends Drive By Truckers with opening act Jonathan Tyler, and I wanted to see Drive By Truckers for some time but every time the opportunity presented itself I had some kind of conflict.  This time around I was determined not to miss them yet again and to add to the fun Jonathan Tyler was a welcomed surprise.  I also had missed the opportunity to photograph him playing a side stage set for a KSHE95 show that featured Kansas, Boston, April Wine, and Joe Dirt.  In fact Jonathan’s set was rained out that night, so in a way the worlds kind of came together for me at this show by being able to photograph both acts.  Starting the evening off was Jonathan Tyler and as usual he lived up to his reputation.

Jonathan is a Texas native but for some reason I had thought he was a local act, as he as gathered quite the following locally and he use to play here often when he was touring with his previous band The Northern Lights.  Tyler came out of the gates swinging by jamming tremendous riffs and swaying around in his classic rock frontman style that he is known for, and damn can he belt it out.  He has always had a knack for laying down some soulfully laced vocal stylings that can just blow the shit out of a crowd.  He rocked the hell out and it made for a perfect opener for Drive By Truckers (DBT).

As DBT took stage it was darkly light with a brightly lit background that is a screen print of the cover of their latest release English Oceans.  From the first moment they hit the stage with guitars in hand like a firing squad, they were off and they ripped into a very electric set that latest about 8 to 10 songs before an acoustic instrument was brought out.  Hearing them jam through their set it was amazing to remember just how much material this band has, releasing a total of 10 full length albums throughout their career.  Not to mention for a band who as been at it as long as they have it was great to see them have fun playing for the crowd, and the crowd was really into it as they often clapped and sang along to each many songs.  I was also very pleased to hear that their live sound was so full and in your face, it is one of the things I enjoy most about them.

Overall this was a show packed full of energy featuring musicians who could play the shit out of their instruments.  This was a great example of a “good ‘ol” rock show and what more could one ask for on a Saturday night?



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