Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness w/ New Politics @ The Pageant 10/28/15

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This show was very special to me for some odd reason.  Not sure if it had been such a busy month that I was just firing with all cylinders or if I had just fell into my groove.  On thing was for sure that from the moment I found out that we were given the entire show to shoot I was on cloud 9!  Although I did walk into this show completely oblivious of who the headliner was or why this might end up being such a fantastic show.  I did though walk away with a full understanding of why these two acts have such crazy fans.

So those concert photographers out there are already familiar with the standard rules of the pit but for those who might not know, the rules generally are first three songs with no flash from the pit.  Camera’s then are generally asked to be put away, checked in at will call, or physically walked out of the building per the bands tour management.  This evening I started shooting the show with a fire in me as I got full run of the house, and when that happens I use every inch of that room to my advantage.  I think on nights like these I also get a greater appreciation for the artists music.  It didn’t take me long to realize that Andrew McMahon and New Politics are two acts that definitely hold greater weight as live artists, this was evident from the first moment New Politics took stage.

Waving a branded New Politics flag and emerging from a fog like haze from the back of the stage, vocalist David Boyd energetically greeted the crowd before the band ripped into their blistering 70 min long set.  The lights, the bands presence, and the reaction from the crowd made for such an overly excited vibe in the room that at times it was almost like the crowd was pulsating.  Boyd continued to enchant the audience with lifting up his shirt to reveal his chiseled abs while doing break dancing back flips.  It was truly a great performance to give the crowd before the headliner was to take stage and New Politics did not fall short when it came to keeping the momentum going.  It was awesome to experience and the entire venue was left with nothing but anticipation for Andrew McMahon to take stage.

As Andrew took stage the excitement in the room reached an entirely different level.  With a big piano and a full band, this artist best known for his time as the front-man of Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin, he took the stage with such a level of positive energy that you couldn’t help but smile.  To sum up Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness in one word I would have to go with “hope”.  Andrew stopped many times between songs to speak to the crowd regarding his battle with cancer, his thoughts about living in the moment, and his overall view of being thankful for the future.  His fan base also varied quite a bit but I would imagine that is because of the resume of bands Andrew has been a part of in the past.  This is definitely an artist that has staying power because of his talent as a songwriter, which is slowly becoming a lost art in this business.  See this dude live once and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

As I know this is a longer write up than I generally post, but for me this was one of those shows that just stuck with me.  I hope you enjoy the images and please feel free to share your thoughts!


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