Old 97’s Rock The Ready Room – 10/29/15

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About two weeks ago Rhett Miller and the Old 97’s brought their indie rock country flared style to the Ready Room to rock the club packed with fans who couldn’t wait to see them.  In true concert club fashion when the doors opened there were enough people to fill the outside ring of the club, and then people came in waves to fill in about 1/2 the area in front of the stage by the time the opener took stage.  Then by the time Old 97’s took the stage the room was so filled that moving around to take pics was not an easy task.

When Rhett hit the stage the only comfortable standing room was to be found towards the back of the club where the room is broken by a wall that divides the bar area from the venue.  I was more than happy to see this happen as I love it when a band that I respect gets received well by our city.  Really Old 97’s deserve more attention than they get as this act has been around since 1994, and in my opinion if you claim to be familiar with indie rock then you have to have a least a small bit of knowledge about this band.  I would also go as far to say that when you see them live you experience yet another level of appreciation, as their sound seems to come to life more in a live setting as compared to some recorded versions of their songs.  Bottom line this band comes to town often and if you keep missing them then you are doing yourself a disservice as a fan of rock music.  Also if you are someone who is completely unfamiliar with this act then I suggest picking up their 2001 release Satellite Rides and then watching as your love for this band blossom from there.


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