A SOLD OUT Ben Folds Show @ The Pageant – 11/17/15

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If you were a 90’s kid you probably became real familiar with Ben Folds in 1997 when Ben Folds 5 had major radio success with “Brick” and “Song For The Dumped”, providing all of us high schoolers with something to listen to as we pined over loosing our first loves.  If you are currently a fan you also know that this man is just busting at the seems with talent as he has constructed a sound that is like no other, I can try to best describe Ben Folds as Weezer meets classically influenced piano music.  Not only has this artist stayed valid for 20 years but he consistently sells out shows every time he tours, which is quite often.  St. Louis loves this guy and you could tell, as the Pageant sold out this evening to a capacity where you couldn’t herd your way through many spots in the crowd.  The performance was amazing and the musicians he brought along were so talented.  In fact the show started out with a 2 – 4 min intro that was basically a classical jam sessions between two violins, a cello, a trumpet, a flute, and another woodwind instrument.  When Ben came out to start singing and playing the piano the highs in the treble of his voice and echoing piano reverberated through the room leaving many fans in a state of astonishment.  The connection Ben also had with the crowd was so humbling, he often addressed them directly and made off the cuff comments sprinkled with “fuck” which made the crowd laugh and applaud.  I use “fuck” basically to replace “the” in my everyday speech so I found his sense of humor quite enjoyable, right up my alley!

I’m so happy I made this show and I will be taking some time as I travel this weekend to get reacquainted with my old friend Ben, as I make my way through his entire catalog on my iPod.


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