Glen Hansard Made The Pageant His Home – 11/23/15

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So Glen Hansard…if you were there you got a very special treat.  I would have to say that this show was probably the most intimate performance I have ever seen an artist put on at The Pageant.  From the first song when Glen came out and sang completely unaccompanied and Acapella I knew the crowd was in for something great.  This show was unfortunately one that required me to exist the building with my camera, and instead of checking my gear in I left after the first three songs.  As I sat up editing I was kicking myself for not watching more of the show because videos were popping up in my Facebook newsfeed, as Glen’s set was still going on, that showed intimate performances where the singer songwriter was in the middle of the crowd playing where ever he wanted throughout the venue.  Everyone in the audience was completely involved in the show that evening, which is truly unique.  Go see Glen on this tour!  You will experience live music, in it’s purest form, and walk away feeling like you witnessed much more than just a group of musicians playing songs in front of a room feel of people.  Don’t miss this tour, I will always regret not sticking around to see the rest of this show….so don’t be like me.


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