Deer Season 2015 – The Obligatory Hermann, MO Pics

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As I’ve posted for the last couple years it appears I’ve made a bit of a tradition of taking just a little time out of my hunting weekend to capture some pictures of the area I visit to just get away.  Technically my families place is about 20 minutes from Hermann in Gasconade County, but I just tell people it’s located in Hermann so they have a point of reference.  This area of the state, which some would call “Missouri wine country”, has so much to offer.  Not alone are their wineries but there is a rich culture of German heritage in this area, which also offers places like the Wurst Haus to indulge in or the Tin Mill to get a pint of locally made brew.  The town features so many original buildings from the late 1800’s/early 1900’s that you can just get lost walking around and observing.  I found an amazing photo opportunity across from a little coffee shop I visit called Espresso Laine that I had never noticed before, it was evidently one of the vineyards for Hermannhoff Winery which had a very surreal type structure with a crucifix at the base of the hill.  Of course I also couldn’t escape the temptation to photograph my icicles on the cliff right off Highway 100 around the big curve as you drive into Hermann’s city limits.  I even took some time to do a little Christmas shopping in one of the many antique stores that are sprinkled in along the main strip of town.  Then after walking around I realized that I do the same routine ever year.  I say I’m going to plan better, give myself enough time to set up shots, and bring a tripod.  It never fails, I only  ever have time to walk around and take some freestyle pics.  Not that I’m complaining, and I can already hear my Dad and Uncle saying, “You’re here to hunt dammit, not to take pictures” and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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