November Day Trip #1 – Locust Creek Covered Bridge

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Many people ask me the question, “So what do you like to photograph”?  As you can tell I do a lot of music/concert photography, outside of that realm I also enjoy doing some “free style” type photography that documents where me and my wife visit on our travels.  Being from St. Louis I often brag about how it is a perfect place to live because there are many options for traveling through the Midwest or through the South that are within a 2 – 6 hour radius around the city.  One of these fun things we found to do within that radius was to search for the remaining covered bridges in Missouri, which the state has three.  The last one that we had to cross off our list was Locust Creek Covered Bridge which is off Highway 36 right past Macon, MO in an area called Laclede, MO.  It is about 3 1/2 – 4 hours away depending on if you take the Highway 40 or 70 route to start off.  Either way it is a lovely drive through rural Missouri that actually takes you through another historic site right before you reach the bridge, which is the General John J. Pershing Boyhood Home State Historic Site.  I don’t have an exact figure but Missouri has to be up there on the list of states with the most state run historic or conservation sites.  They are all over the state, and in fact I suggest everyone to Google Search state historic sites in Missouri to start planning your first day trip or for fun little “one-nighter”.  These activities help to break up the monotony of everyday life.  Seeing something that you’ve never seen before classifies as an adventure in my book even if it’s in your home state, experience is our one true freedom in life.  So find a place you can drive to, get in the car, and go experience life!

To end our trip, before making the journey home, we also stopped in Hannibal, MO to grab a quick bite to eat since you drive straight through this city as well on your way to Locust Creek.  Hannibal, MO offers a whole other list of experiences that I’m sure I will cover on a different Midwest day trip excursion.  Below are links for more info regarding Locust Creek Covered Bridge and Gen. John J. Pershing’s Historic Site, be bold and go explore!


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