November Day Trip #2 – Memphis…We Came, We Ate, We Conquered

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So sometimes me and my wife have been called crazy for what we consider to be a “day trip”, but a 4 – 5 hour drive can easily become a day trip in our book.  Sometimes you just don’t want to drop the cash on a hotel but you still want a break, and we’ve found Memphis to be a perfect destination for that.  We left at 7am, took our time, and we were there well before 12n.  Below was our itinerary and we pulled it off splendidly!

  • Arrive to Memphis before 12n
  • Tour Graceland
  • Eat a late lunch at the best BBQ place in Memphis, Charles Vergos’ Rendezvous…or referred to simply as Rendezvous (AKA un-fucking-believable)
  • Go to the nearest liquor store to pick up at least a case of Yuengling (by the way, Memphis is the closest city to the STL that you can buy it in)
  • Be home before 10pm (we made it back by 9pm)

Not only did we get to do everything on our list but we also parked on the street and walked about 4 blocks to Rendezvous.  This walked us by the Civil Courts building, a great fountain, and an amazing building that use to be a residence that gave us a little glimpse into what this metropolitan area once looked like.  I love Memphis and it will always have a special place in my heart, I’ll go there anytime no matter if I’m staying for 4 days or just for 4 hours.  Be crazy and just go there one Saturday!  The Mud Island Museum, the Civil Rights Museum, and of course Beale Street are also points of interest as well.


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