X Ambassadors and Saint Motel, 1057 the Point HoHo Show #1 – 12/1/15

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Last night was quite an awesome introduction for this years phenomenal lineup of 1057 The Point Ho Ho Shows.  X Ambassadors has completely dominated modern rock alternative airways with their single “Renegades” and last night it was evident that they have the fire of a young band hungry for success.

From the time they hit the stage vocalist Sam Harris was moving constantly, providing quite an energetic performance for the audience.  The photogs were also given the entire show to photograph so I had free reign of the venue, and I tried to capture some images that showed the band as a whole.  They seemed to really enjoy playing together on stage, which is something you don’t always see in live acts.  Sometimes the band just comes out, each member mans their part of the stage, and they jam with heads down and toes tapping.  X Ambassadors wanted the entire venue on their feet, clapping the entire night.  Openers Saint Motel helped to set the mood in the room perfectly with an equally heart felt performance with tons of audience engagement.

This was just #1 of 7 shows this week for this years 1057 The Point Ho Ho Show lineup.  Tonight is Death Cab for Cutie and I couldn’t be happier about it!


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