Death Cab For Cutie Sell Out Ho Ho Show #2 – 12/2/15

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I had a great feeling waking into the Death Cab For Cutie (DCFC) show at The Pageant last night, not only was it sold out but it was also 1057 The Point’s 2nd Ho Ho Show of 2015.  As a fan of DCFC it was great to see them sell out the venue after doing the same thing earlier this year when they came through in May.  It also made me proud for St. Louis, as I like it when I see a band get the respect they deserve when they come through town and play to a packed house.  It was definitely a full capacity sell out last night with people packed tight on the floor, and when DCFC hit the stage the crowd exploded.

From the time that DCFC got on stage the audience was freaking and then I heard a loud voice yell “Oh my God, Fuck Yeah” from the front of the crowd, it was at this point I knew the band was going to rip through a really upbeat set.  They opened with “St. Peter’s Cathedral”, then went straight into “New Year”, followed by “Crooked Teeth”.  I was actually having a hell of a time photographing because all I wanted to do was sing along. Each time I see these guys live I realize how much of their catalog I truly adore.  I’m talking my music library wouldn’t be the same without them there, not to mention an entire soundtrack of like 5 years of my 20’s would be completely erased.  Listening to DCFC, while nursing a hangover, and smoking a cigarette pretty much sums up my life between 20 – 23.  The 4th song was “Black Sun”, which I also love the shit out of, and I got to enjoy most of it as I packed up my gear.  We were required to remove our cameras from the building and I opted to leave.  I had friends that stayed for the show and said it was amazing.  Although when they were here in May they hammered out a 24 song set, this time around they jammed out 18.  Even though the set was a handful of songs shorter they still threw in an amazing mix of everything they’ve released throughout the last 20+ years.  I so wish I would have heard “Passenger Seat” and “A Movie Script Ending” which were songs 16 and 17, I would have freaked out when they opened the encore with “Passenger Seat”.  Hopefully they continue this trend of visiting here regularly, as it appears they have no problem selling out The Pageant.


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