Punch Brothers at The Pageant – 12/4/15

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Friday night I started off my weekend on a good note by covering Punch Brothers, whom includes Chris Thile of Nickel Creek fame.  I didn’t stay for the whole show but below are some things I found most interesting.

  • The band had some photo restrictions which actually worked to my advantage for once.  Instead of sticking down in front, inside the photo pit, I was able to work the floor and weed in and out of the crowd.  I feel I captured the show so much better by being able to shoot in a manor where I could capture the audience perspective.
  • The stage consisted of 5 musicians huddled around one microphone.  It was amazing to hear how crystal clear they sounded and how they echoed throughout the venue, projected beautifully through one mic.
  • They were the fullest sounding acoustic act I have ever heard live.

Try catching this tour if it passes through somewhere close to you, if you are a fan of folk or acoustic singer-songwriter type acts you should not overlook the Punch Brothers.


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