Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats @ The Ready Room – 12/6/15

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Not only did I have the opportunity to photograph Smokey Robinson last Sunday, I pulled a “double-header” and also covered Nathaniel Rateliff at The Ready Room.  After running like a madman from downtown to The Grove, praying that I would make it to the Ready Room before Nathaniel hit stage, to my surprise I showed up with 10 minutes to spare before the bands set started.  I was lucky enough to be able to shoot from the side of the stage this evening, as club was a solid sell out and there were no open pockets to be found in the crowd where I could sneak in without being a complete ass to other people. Once the band hit stage the crowd was freaking and everyone in the room was having a good time.  I’m not too familiar with this acts catalog and I was surprised to hear the amount of soul/R & B influence they had in their music.  With a saxophone and trumpet player on stage it provided this great mix of southern soul music and folk/southern rock that is was hard to not be impressed with the sound this act produced live.  I also had no idea that Nathaniel is a native of Hermann, MO and I think that is kind of cool.  If you follow my blog you know of my love for rural Missouri and particularly the area around Hermann, MO and Gasconade County.  It’s good to see a local boy making some head way in the scene and from what I experience at this show I feel this is just the start of the success Nathaniel Rateliff will see in his career.  His current single “S.O.B” is amazing, if you haven’t heard it then Google it and I guarantee you’ll be hooked.


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