Smokey Robinson @ The Peabody – 12/6/15

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Last Sunday I had such an amazing experience by being able to cover Smokey Robinson at The Peabody.  Smokey is a legend as he started out his career with The Miracles in 1957, where he filled the role as the groups lead songwriter until 1972 when the group retired.  After that Smokey continued making music, starting to record as a solo artist in 1979.  Through the span of his career not only was he a performer but he was also a singer-songwriter, record producer, and a record executive. Smokey’s mark on music has been so magically threaded into the fabric of R & B’s history, that for generations to come it will not be possible to talk about that genre without mentioning this man’s name.  I felt so lucky to have this opportunity, and even though I only got to stay for the first three songs of his set, which included “You’ve Really Got A Gold On Me”, I will still always remember photographing this show.


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