Another One for The Bucket List, Weezer @ The Peabody – 12/8/15

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So last Tuesday, 12/8, was the show I was looking forward to the most this month. In this line of work you see a lot of bands, some you just photograph as an assignment and then there are those magical times you catch an act that is literally a part of your history. Weezer is one of these acts for me. This band made a huge hit in 1994 with their “Blue” album which forever marked the lives of anyone who was a teenager between the years of 1994 – 1999. It’s immeasurable the level of honesty and love torn sickness that goes into their song writing, packaged in amazingly fuzz toned guitar riffs, that are sprinkled with a touch of pop.  Just the perfect amount of pop that is at times necessary in rock music, as displayed perfectly by the “Blue” album which it’s so infectious that you can’t help but sing along with it. They are such a special group with such unique qualities that they really have their own sound that no other band has since surpassed. I had seen Weezer on three other occasions, which were all on the “Green Album” tour. The first time was at the Hearnes Center at Mizzou, the second was at a Pointfest where I actually met the band, and the third time was at the Family Arena (where they also played with Jimmy Eat World and Tenacious D). This time around knocked it out of the park and Weezer now will also be added to the list of acts I have a difficultly photographing because I’m too busy singing along. I lost it when they tore into “El Scorcho” for song #2 of their set, I am one of those Weezer fans that feel Pinkerton was their finest representation of their talents. Either way you cut it the band is a fucking classic and I’m so happy to see them still touring and playing music. If you get the chance to see them live, even if you are a casual fan, it is definitely a show you will surprisingly say over and over again as they play through their set, “Damn I know this song too, and I love it”!


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