The Amazing Frank Turner @ The Pageant – 12/11/15

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So when I started shooting shows in October of 2011 I was just getting my feet wet.  After getting hooked up with Up To Eleven Productions at the beginning of 2012 I started shooting 3-4 shows a week.  One of those early shows was Frank Turner at Off Broadway and after that show I was completely hooked on him.

Frank Turner is an artist from the UK that has had a fairly long career, first starting out in a post-hardcore band called Million Dead in 2001 he gained a cult following.  After four years Million Dead broke up and Frank went on to pursue a solo career where his songwriting morphed into a mix of indie folk, acoustic rock, pop, and indie rock with a little sprinkle of punk influence that makes him stand apart from his peers.  Frank coming back to St. Louis was a big deal for me.

From the moment Frank took stage the audience was hit with this amazing burst of energy.  Frank and his band members sure enjoy what they do for a living, as they were moving around the stage frantically to the beat of each song and continuously stepped to the front of the stage to engage with the crowd.  The band was encouraging the crowd to clap, sing, and scream throughout the entire set, which is all you need to make a good old fashion rock show.  It was also awesome that Frank changed the set up in the middle and transformed the vibe of the room from feeling like an in your face rock concert to a stripped down solo act, as he took time to tell stories and play a string of songs acoustic.  His set lasted at least 2 hours and spanned his entire career.  The people in the room that were already fans left in awe, and the others who were new to experiencing Frank left that night with a new artist to add to the list of acts they follow.  I can not say enough good things about Frank Turner and with the ease of Spotify you really have no excuse to not check him out.  You will thank me if you do!


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