My 80th Show of the Year – Chris Cornell @ The Sheldon 12/18/15

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This year has been a whirlwind of concerts for me. This past Friday marked my 80th show of 2015 and I couldn’t have picked a more appropriate artist to mark this milestone with than Mr. Chris Cornell.

For those of you that have never experienced Chris live in person you are really missing out.  This show kind of mysteriously came about, I’d compare it to the surprise in receiving a perfectly unexpected Christmas gift that you’ve always wanted. The fact that it was the last of this years 1057 The Point Ho Ho Shows and that it was booked at The Sheldon Concert Hall really made this a unique show. It sold out in 5 minutes and with no surprise. To hear Chris’ voice in a venue like the Sheldon is kind of incomparable to most average concert experiences. As the set started it was filled with a great mix of new material, Soundgarden favorites, and amazing cover songs. With only an acoustic guitar and his voice, Chris echoed so fantastically through the concert hall that it literally felt like it shook the walls. The only other accompaniment that he had was when another band member would occasionally join him to play piano, cello, or mandolin. Amazingly these slight accompaniments beefed up the performance level of some songs, most notably for me was the acoustic rendition of the Soundgarden classic “Fell on Black Days”.  Below is the full set list for you to marvel in.  If you weren’t there, you should have been.  I feel we’ll see Chris come through town again but to catch him at an intimate venue like The Sheldon may have been a one in a lifetime opportunity.  It really was the perfect show for my 80th of the year.

Setlist – 12/18/15 – St. Louis, Sheldon Concert Hall

Before We Disappear

Can’t Change Me

As Hope & Promise Fade

Times Are Changin Back

Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart

Fell On Black Days

Thank You

Doesn’t Remind Me

Peace, Love & Understanding

Call Me A Dog

Blow Up

Rusty Cage


Misery Chain

I Am The Highway

Black Hole Sun

Worried Moon

Wooden Jesus

A Day In The Life



Higher Truth


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