Patton Oswalt @ The Pageant – January 8th, 2016

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Last Friday started my weekend off with a bang by covering my first live event of 2016, and I couldn’t have picked a better performer to start the year off with.  From the minute Patton Oswalt took stage the entire room was laughing.  In fact I had trouble photographing at times because I was laughing so hard myself.  Patton is probably most famous for his role in King of Queens as Spence, whom was always getting into trouble with Arthur (played by Jerry Stiller).  In my opinion those were sometimes the most memorable episodes of that series.  Patton has also had countless other small rolls that are so memorable, in films such as Starsky & Hutch, Dodgeball, and Zoolander.  While photographing him live I realized that the special thing that Patton has that makes him so damn entertaining is the blunt and honest nature of his comedy.  His bits spanned from a hilarious story about his worst gig ever, to pointing out how the backdrops on stage were “spooky as hell”, so freaky that it was going to make it hard to masturbate that night.  That punch line is the type of hilariously blunt humor that Patton delivered all night.  This also made me realize that his delivery is something special and it’s what makes him a unique comedian.   I was so happy to photograph him and I’m so looking forward to the 2016 concert season to ramp up at the end of January!


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