Another SOLD OUT Story of the Year Show @ The Pageant – January 16th, 2016

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Over the last couple years Story of the Year (SOTY) has played the Pageant three times and last Saturday marks the third time they have consecutively sold the venue out.  I was weeding through the crowd all night and I can vouch that this was indeed a full capacity sell out.  The crowd was also pretty intense as well, which might be due to the fact that the show was being streamed live on Yahoo.  The crowd was so into, the band played a very tight set, and they were interactive with the audience.  This made it a really awesome show to experience, I actually got to climb on the drum riser and snap some shots of the crowd and that doesn’t happen every show!  This show was billed as the “Hometown Takeover III” and it also included three additional locals acts who were great as well.

Make Room, The Hush List, and Fivefold all played stellar sets.  My personal favorite was The Hush List, whom I strongly suggest checking out.  They are playing around town a lot and have a very unique sound to offer our local scene.  For these bands, SOTY, and the crowd it was a special night all around and I hope if you were there that you had a freaking blast.  If you missed it then you have catch SOTY next time around, they will rock your face off!


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