City and Colour @ The Pageant – January 26th, 2016

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City and Colour is a band that I have heard tossed around in conversation regarding indie artists to check out for sometime now.  Unfortunately this is one act that I never got around to checking out until the day of their show.  Surprisingly I found out that City and Colour is the alias Dallas Green has been performing under since 2005 when he first broke away from Alexisonfire to release solo material.  Alexisonfire was a decently big act from Canada that surfaced in the “post-hardcore” scene in the early 2000’s.  Being that I hadn’t been familiar with this artists career over the past 15 years I had no concept exactly what it was that I was about to hear.  Before the show began I discussed Dallas’s style with a fan in the Halo Bar, whom described City and Colour as having “quite possibly the most angelic voice he’s ever heard”.  I’m not sure if I was all that sold but I can tell you this much, Dallas has some pipes and he can write some very triumphantly beautiful songs.  I’m happy I caught this one, and if you dig indie rock that is kind of chill but opens up in a big way then City and Colour is something you should check out.


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