Bullet For My Valentine @ The Pageant – February 21st, 2016

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Bullet For My Valentine (BFMV) was this years 1057 the Point Birth Month show.  This was the second time I have covered a BFMV show and this time around I made an interesting observation.  This band completely fits in the “metal music for chicks” genre.  I’m not stating this as a criticism but more of a compliment.  With the blending of this bands style which includes heavy metal chunky guitar riffs that are layered with screaming vocal tracks, they also seem to work in an open chorus with a level of vocal melody in almost every song.  I feel that this bands style of metal music and their appearance plays a huge part in growing their female fan base.  Bottom line this was a metal show with a lot of attractive ladies in the crowd, which in my day wasn’t something that happened often.  Single dudes in their early to mid-20’s who are fans of metal music are missing out on something special if they are not attending BFMV shows.


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