Dark Star Orchestra @ The Pageant – February 25th, 2016

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I may have mentioned in an earlier post this week that one of my goals this concert season is to try and catch some of the acts that I missed last year.  Most importantly some of the acts that I would consider to be “regulars” at The Pageant.  After seeing some press photos of Dark Star Orchestra it sparked my interest, as they seemed to have some pretty trippy lighting at times.  Little did I know that this act is actually a nationally acclaimed Grateful Dead cover band from Chicago.  This was a night filled with dancing Grateful Dead fans decked out in hemp jewelry, and with the faint smell of patchouli in the air I feel that Jerry would have had nothing but a big smile to offer the crowd.  Everyone seemed to love the performance and the band was pretty spot on to playing some awesome renditions of these songs from times past.  I can sum up the evening most accurately by coining a phrase from James Earl Jones in the movie Field of Dreams, “Peace, Love, Dope”.  Enjoy the pics and check out Dark Star Orchestra the next time they are playing a town near you!


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