Melanie Martinez SOLD OUT SHOW @ The Pageant – March 13th, 2016

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A couple weekends ago, on Sunday 3/13, I had the opportunity to cover a sold out Melanie Martinez show at The Pageant and I was not prepared for the frenzy that ensued when her set started. After doing some research I discovered that Melanie landed a spot on season three of The Voice in 2012, and has since then continued to have success with the release of her debut album “Cry Baby”. She is quickly building a fan base, which was evident at this show as the entire room was filled with high pitched screams from the moment Melanie hit the stage. Not only was the crowd loosing it in between songs, they were also singing along to every song which I have to admit they were pretty damn catchy. It was a great night to shoot and it was a welcomed surprise to be exposed to an artist that I may have never took the time to listen to.


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