The Wood Brothers @ The Pageant – April 1st, 2016

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Spring is in the air and that means the concert season is about to pick up as we approach May, to kick off the busy season I got to cover a SOLD OUT Wood Brothers show at The Pageant this past Friday (4/1/16). It was another great experience witnessing a band I’ve never heard before play to a crowd that was completely pumped to be seeing them. They were very similar to the Turnpike Troubadours in that they had a very heavy country influence, but actually The Wood Brothers reminded me more of the style of country music that Charlie Daniels and The Band played. This is a band I classify as an act that has broken down the walls of genres appealing to indie music and “old” country music lovers. I enjoyed hearing this groups harmonies live, and when they switched to songs that featured a full drum kit and electric guitar they pretty much sounded like a great southern indie rock group. I’m so happy I got to check this act out and have been a huge fan of their latest release Paradise. Their debut came out in 2006 so I have a nice selection to listen my way through, which is always the bonus of picking up on a band later in their career!


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