Deer Tick @ The Duck Room – April 5th, 2016

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Deer Tick is a band I have been looking forward to seeing live for a few years now. In 2013 I had picked up a slew of CD’s from the library of bands that I wanted to check out, from this endeavor I discovered one of my favorite albums which is the 2010 Deer Tick release titled “The Black Dirt Sessions”. To my pleasant surprise they opened last nights show with one of my favorite tracks from that release titled “Twenty Miles“. The room was also completely sold out and packed with fans often yelling loudly in excitement in between songs. In fact I was also surprised that this was an acoustic tour, which is actually the only thing I had wished was different about their set. With this being my first Deer Tick show I would have loved to hear a full electric set, as vocalist John McCauley’s signature gravely textured vocals were much more subdued in the acoustic set compared to some of the recordings I’ve heard. Nevertheless they sounded great and I was happy with the shots I walked away with!


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