Charles Kelley @ The Pageant – April 15th, 2016

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Last Friday I photographed Charles Kelley, which apparently some folks don’t realize is the male lead vocalist and founding member of mega country act Lady Antebellum. Don’t feel bad, I’m not a country music fan and I had no idea until I read Charles’s bio. For those of you though that are country music fans, where the f**k were you?

This tour was in promotion of Charles’s first solo record and he came out to play to a very intimate crowd. The entire Pageant was actually seated with numbered seating on the floor section. This was an amazing opportunity to catch this chart topping artist in a mid-size venue. With not being a country music fan, I was surprised by the style some of Charles’s music fit into. I wouldn’t classify it as country, pop, or rock but kind of a morphing of all of them combined. I found it highly enjoyable to listen to and his brother Josh, who opened the show, was very entertaining as well. Even covered Bruce Hornsby’s “Mandolin in the Rain”!

This was a great evening of music and entertainment and for the Lady Antebellum fans that overlooked this show, I feel for you. You might not get another chance to experience Charles Kelley up close and personal again.


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