Lupe Fiasco @ The Pageant – April 19th, 2016

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This was another show I went into blindly only to walk away with a greater appreciation for an artist that I would have not be exposed to otherwise. Lupe is a bit of an icon in the world of rap and R&B from what I have researched, and other fans have told me that his style and way of doing business has always been against the grain. This has affected his commercial exposure and success but has cultivated a very devout cult following. A buddy of mine freaked out when he found out I was shooting the show and a fellow photographer that shot this show with me also stated that Lupe was a bucket list act for him. After hearing that type of reaction from people I knew I was in for something special that night. I have to personally say I found his fast passed style of rapping and hopeful lyric content to be uplifting and refreshing, especially being someone that generally doesn’t follow this genre too closely. I was very happy I picked this show to attend and I look forward to becoming more acquainted with Lupe’s catalog!


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