The Arcs @ The Pageant – April 27th, 2016

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This is probably the show I was looking forward to photographing all month! I am a huge Black Keys fan and I have continued to follow Dan Auerbach’s musical endeavors. With Dan’s new venture, The Arcs, he has left buddy Patrick to embark on what I’m calling a more funky version of the Black Keys. I haven’t really pin pointed what is exactly going on with The Arcs, but it features Dan’s guitar work and voice against a background of music that is more fun than griddy compared to the Keys earlier records. His new band came out swinging with a high energy show that had a retro ’60’s grove that the crowd was going crazy for. I will have to admit I missed seeing Dan with Patrick, although Dan seemed so into his new project that I completely overlooked the fact that I wasn’t at a Black Keys show. It turned out in the end to be just as an exciting performance as what I’ve seen Dan put on, it was such a great show!


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