Amon Amarth @ The Pageant – May 4th, 2016

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So I pulled a double header last week and shot two shows back to back. I went from Animal Collective the night before to exposing myself to the amazing world of “viking metal”! Amon Amarth came out bringing the thunder like some screaming metal version of Thor. Being birthed from the flames of an growing Swedish metal scene in the mid-90’s, Amon Amarth has crafted a place for themselves in the metal music genre that I feel takes this scene to the next level. After seeing a handful of grown men in “Gothic kilts”, I knew this bands fans were serious. The stage set up was equally amazing as well with a giant viking helmet drum riser that had stairs that cascaded up to performance platforms. The metal was real this evening, with more flying hair in the venue than what you’d witness if Flock of Seagulls got trapped in a wind tunnel. It was epic, it was heavy, it was metal. Amon Amarth, making viking metal heads go nuts since the 1990’s!


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