Animal Collective @ The Pageant – May 3rd, 2016

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Animal Collective is an act that was in my top 10 list of indie bands that I wanted to add to my portfolio by the end of the year. This bands blend of layered sounds gives their music a rich life like quality that pounds like a beating heart. I have yet to hear another band that has that quality in their sound. Sometimes, I have to admit, their music has too much going on and are so intense for me to listen to all the way through because my mind gets lost in trying to process what each sound is that comes out of each creak and corner of the mixes on their recordings. I also say this though to point out because it’s awesome that a band can compose a piece of music that literally is a sonic light show for your brains auricular senses to compute. Seeing them live was just as amazing to experience, and the light show was just as enchanting as their music. It was also great to hear the different layered vocal tracks performed live, these guys are truly composers of electronic music! Make sure to catch ’em live fool! 🙂


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